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  • Super Beginners' Jute Rope Kit Shibari Rope Kit Black
  • Super Beginners' Jute Rope Kit Shibari Rope Kit Natural
  • Super Beginners' Jute Rope Kit Shibari Rope Kit Red
  • Super Beginners' Jute Rope Kit Shibari Rope Kit Pink
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Super Beginners' Jute Rope Kit

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$73.00 USD
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$73.00 USD
This is our best-selling jute rope kit, as it contains everything you need to start exploring shibari/kinbaku. Two fully-treated jute ropes, safety shears and our favourite tuition book for beginners.

As a full-time rope studio we see a lot of beginners, and we receive a lot of requests for a minimalistic rope-set for those just starting to learn shibari. That's why we created the Super Beginners' Kit, which contains just the essentials to get started on your rope journey. 


  • 2 jute shibari ropes (natural or colour, treated 7.5m lengths, 6mm diameter)
  • Black EMT safety shears 
  • Miumi-U Teaches Shibari tutorial book

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Pedro Ribeiro
Better than i expected

I really loved the texture of the ropes and how it felt on my hands, the model i tried them on also enjoyed how it felt, i also love the details on the book and the stickers and additional information that i received, will most likely buy more stuff =)

Andreas Hultgren
Somewhat disappointed by the book

I bought this kit because, well, I considered myself to be a beginner. I found the instructions in the book hard to understand sometimes. I'm confused why the double column tie didn't include a wrap between the arms, for example. I appreciate the quick-release version though. Got frustrated with the book closing itself during a session. I also made the assumption that if this kit contains two ropes that would be enough. It wasn't enough to complete the first harness in the book. The rope itself was fine, though a bit frizzier than I expected.

Mark Edwards

Way over priced!!

Leyla Downes

Super Beginners' Jute Rope Kit

Justin Fiess
Beginner rope kit

Love it, very useful and am learning lots