Collection: Cotton Rope

We love jute, but we also love choice. Cotton ropes are great for casual play, on the floor (or bed), as they're softer than jute from the get-go. Whether it's at home behind closed doors or at a party, cotton ropes are perfect for having some fun without worrying about maintenance or damage.

As well as being a cheaper option, cotton rope can be easily washed in the washing machine or by hand, making it useful for more intimate play.

Be aware that cotton is a lot stretchier than jute and while this means it has a lot more give, it also means knots and frictions compact a lot more under tension. 

We don't recommend them so much for full suspension, but they are perfect for partials and bedroom play.

We definitely recommend having a pair of EMT shears on hand, as per usual.

  • Cotton rope

  • 3 Strand twisted (not braided)

  • Variety of colours

  • Do not need treatment

  • Washable

  • 7.5 meter lengths

Cotton Rope