Collection: Rope Care

The treatment process is not 'necessary' for the ropes, but it does make the ropes more user friendly and your fingers and partners might thank you! 

The waxes used in rope treatment are usually a mix of beeswax blended with either camellia or jojoba oil. We use beeswax and camellia in our 'rope goo'. If you like it scented, we also sell wax with lemongrass essential oil for an extra touch.

Ropes can be treated without beeswax using our 'rope lube', especially if you're vegan, then you can simply use camellia or jojoba oil directly on the rope. Camellia is more watery than jojoba, jojoba is effectively a liquid wax. We like to blend the two together for our perfect finish.

We treat the ropes for sale the same way we treat our own personal ropes, and these are the products we use.

Rope Care