About us

Who are we?

Anatomie Studio is an education and community-focused space for the practice of shibari, or kinbaku (Japanese rope bondage) in London, UK. It is a sex and kink-positive, consent focused space founded in 2015 by Anna Bones and Fred Hatt.  See our studio's website at www.anatomiestudio.com if you're interested in attending a class, or a rope jam.

We have been preparing and selling rope in the studio since we opened, and in 2016 we opened an online store so that our ropes would be available for those outside our local community.

Lovingly hand treated

All our ropes are lovingly hand treated by members of the local community and in-house staff called 'House Cats'. Treating our quality ropes can be a laborious process, and we are grateful to our helpers who put the time and effort into this. Without them this online store would not exist. Thank you!

Company info

Shibari Store (www.shibaristore.com) is the trading name of the rope store for Anatomie Studio Ltd (www.anatomiestudio.com). Company register in England, company no.: 10184394 and VAT no.: 288 6915 37.