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Cotton Play Ropes

Cotton Play Ropes

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Discover the versatility of our cotton ropes — a perfect choice for relaxed and casual play, thanks to their inherent softness.

Ideal for bedrooms, parties, or any setting where comfort is key, cotton ropes eliminate the need for meticulous upkeep. Cotton, being more budget-friendly than jute, offers the convenience of both machine and hand-washing, making it perfect for intimate play.

It's important to note that cotton, with its greater stretchiness compared to jute, results in knots compressing more under tension. While we don't recommend cotton for full suspension, it excels in partial suspension and bedroom play.

Always keep EMT shears handy for safety.

  • Material: Cotton
  • Type: 3 Strand twisted (not braided)
  • Color: Variety of colors
  • No treatment required
  • Washable
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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Timothy Grut

Cotton Play Ropes

Love them!

They feel great, look amazing, and leave beautiful marks. I really enjoy playing with them. Also, the handled VAT for EU is fabulous. I will most definitely order again.

James A
Half of what I paid for

Ropes received but no shears. Contacted them to discuss, but sadly no response.

Jennifer Geroni

Cotton Play Ropes

Amy Wincer

I really enjoyed playing with this cotton rope. It is a decent length to do a simple chest harness but one end became unraveled shortly after purchase. I am not using this for suspension. Just simple aesthetic ties. Otherwise a nice rope. Very comfortable nice feel against the skin. I ordered red and the colour was lovely.