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  • 6mm rope reels (220m) Shibari Rope
  • 6mm rope reels (220m) Shibari Rope
  • 6mm rope reels (220m) Shibari Rope
  • 6mm rope reels (220m) Shibari Rope
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6mm rope reels (220m)

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$178.00 USD
This is our signature jute rope for shibari. Light, fast and with a beautifully consistent twist. Single-ply, 6mm diameter on a 220 meter rope reel. This is the rope we use ourselves most of the time.
  • Raw
  • Jute rope
  • Single-ply
  • 6mm thick
  • 220m
  • Natural colour

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rope is good but too thick

I started my rope journey with a roll of Ogawa and continued with a roll of Nawaya. Ogawa was a bit too loose for my taste and required a lot of care. I like Nawaya better but it's expensive and a bit harder to break in. I bought this roll to give it a try as it is advertised as something in between the two other ropes.

The Anatomie rope seems of good quality. Smell-wise, the chemical smell is quite strong when not treated but will go away eventually.

The main reason for my 2-stars rating is that the rope is way too thick. About 6.6mm ± 0.1mm (measured with a caliper) whereas it is advertised as 6.0mm. It makes a huge difference and makes this rope unusable for me. After some use and tensioning, the rope doesn't really get much thinner.
Note that Ogawa also comes slightly thicker than advertised but it gets quickly thinner with use and tension. From my experience, Nawaya is the only rope that is precisely the advertised thickness, and it also gets a bit thinner after being used with tension (0.2-0.3mm)

Hope it helps!

The reel deal

What can be said other than Anatomie's signature jute? The rope is the same grade and quality as used by the studio for all their rope requirements so it's got to be top notch. I certainly concur. To date, I've got a full kit of great gear to process and I'm really looking forward to creating with these new ropes!

Best bulk rope you can buy!

I'm on my second spool and cut 3 full suspension kits for myself and others. The rope is beautifully scratchy and stiff at first (great for masochists) and breaks in quickly to become supple and polished.

You should buy :)

Olavi Sõna
yes. very good. i like


Chris Blackwell
Continuing my rope journey

So impressed by the first reel i purchased in the last year, brought a 2nd reel, for the sole purpose to make up new larger set of rope and introducing bold colour in contrast to the skin. The rope dyied really well, after soaking for half hour in tub and now I have a bright orange set bringing colour to journey. Highly recommended, especially to anyone who is wanting to add their own unquieness to their ropes, fast delivery too.