Collection: Colour Jute Rope

Information & specifications:
  • Jute rope
  • 6mm diameter
  • 7.5 lengths
  • Red, pink, black or purple
  • Treated (singed, oiled and softened)
  • Ends: overhand knots
  • Source: Ogawa (Japan)

If you enjoy a splash of colour in your tying, then you'll love these jute ropes. They are from Japan's Ogawa supplier which is a favourite among Shibari enthusiasts because of how the rope handles and feels. The ropes reach us raw but we hand treat them so they're soft and ready to use.

This is the rope we personally tie with, and it is treated exactly how we treat our own personal ropes: using camellia and jojoba oils only (which makes them vegan).

These ropes are available to purchase in single lengths or in bundles - all our rope kits are also available in coloured rope.

Colour Jute Rope