Collection: Custom length Jute rope

Information & specifications:
  • Jute rope
  • 6mm diameter
  • various lengths
  • Natural colour
  • Raw or treated (singed, oiled and softened)
  • Ends: Overhand knots
Our 6mm diameter Anatomie Ropes are from our own supplier and are made to resemble a cross between our 2 favourite Japanese ropes: Ogawa and Nawaya. For this reason they have the same look and feel of traditional Japanese Shibari jute ropes.

For the connoisseurs, they are slightly tighter in lay than Ogawa, but slightly looser than Nawaya, they break in slower than Ogawa but a lot faster than Nawaya. The ropes are however lower than average in JBO content (the petroleum smelling oils that are particularly evident in raw untreated ropes).

These ropes are sold around the world and we continuously receive great feedback about them. Not only do they handle beautifully for tying but breaking tests have shown they outperform most ropes in terms of strength - including 'reinforced' jute and synthetic ropes for suspension sold by other suppliers.

This is the rope we personally tie with, and it is treated exactly how we treat our own personal ropes: using camellia and jojoba oils only (which makes them vegan).Most of the rope we sell is cut to 7.5m lengths, which is perfect for most uses. If you require longer or shorter lengths you can order these from us here.You can choose to have these ropes treated or untreated.

Please be aware that as we treat our ropes in batches, if you require custom length ropes to be treated this will come with a 1-2 week lead-time on your order.

Custom length Jute rope